The Unitouch brand uses fully natural plant essence oils instead of chemically synthesized oils. The entire series exudes the calming fragrance of floral nectar, serving to represent the brand's pursuit for simplicity and its genuine, low-key personality. All Unitouch formulas were developed and rigorously tested by the GCB Skin Research Center which has 40 years of skin care product manufacturing experience. Through a meticulous selection process, from naturally growing grasses and plants, the research and development team identified and extracted ingredients with skin rejuvenation and care properties. This allows the skin to experience the pureness of floral nectar, the oils of fruits, the breeze of the meadow, and the streaming of flower hydrosols in the safest and most effective method.

No unwanted chemical compounds which may harm the skin, such as preservatives, added fragrances, or artificial coloring, are added.